Improving life through wearable technology


Our mission is to achieve exponential gains in health and wellness on a global scale. This flows naturally from the extensive experiences of our founders and our uncompromising focus on internet-connected wearable technology. Backed up by our team of astonishingly bright and equally dedicated people, we are making this happen.

Thrive have extensive experience and know-how in wearables. We work in partnership, collaboration, as well as under traditional time and materials briefs, developing physical, digital and data products from prototype to mass production.

Innovative Healthcare Wearable


From concept to a functional prototype

and Development

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The year ahead in wearables

The year ahead in wearables

If 2020 is remembered for one thing, it will be the shift in consciousness, in priorities and attitudes around health. The resulting fall out as we enter the 100th anniversary of the global flu pandemic cannot be underestimated.It is not so much that healthcare will...

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