Improving Life Through Wearable Technology


We invent, innovate and deliver wearable technology from idea to global mass production.

Innovative Healthcare Wearable

“The Thrive team have been the perfect compliment to our internal team...”
Dan Honeywell,  Zedsen

Biofeedback Ecosystem

“Thrive Wearables have taken my vision through a rapid and systematic evolution from idea to sales traction and investment…”
Stefan Chmelik, Bioself 

Fan Engagement Wearable

“The Thrive team have been our technology partners through the concept stage…”
Simon Woollard, Fantastec

Research and Development

“Working with the thrive team allowed us to de-risk our planned technology roll-out…”
Barry Nee, CareUK


Read about the latest news and developments in wearable technology.

Over the Edge with Wearables

The basic building blocks of wearables (sensors, processors and wireless connectivity) are evolving rapidly, partly driven by silicon providers recognising the opportunity and establishing dedicated product lines, but more fundamental is our evolving understanding of the data processing requirements of wearable technology products.

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I Believe in Wearable Wellness

One of the newest members of the Thrive team, Jodi Parslow, shares her thoughts on helping those in need and how wearable technology can be a part of it.

When I discovered Thrive Wearables, I knew instantly why I wanted to become a part of the team.

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