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we are thrive wearables

Our mission is to improve life through wearable technology.
For nearly a decade, we’ve been working in the predictive and preventative health tech space, turning great ideas into data driven, 
user centred wearable devices and technology ecosystems. 

We are specialists in physiology based technology development. As the leading wearable technology agency, our team of experts work to make the world a better place, through medical, health and wellbeing innovations.

Whether you have an idea, a piece of your technology ecosystem, or a current product on the market, we're here to help you navigate your journey. 

Want to come and change the world with us?

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strategy spotlight

Our experts understand the key part software plays in wearable devices, from the processing of human physiology data to the illuminating display of the insights derived to multiple key stakeholders who will interact with the wearable product and its data. 

collaborate with us
In partnership and collaboration with our clients, or on traditional time and materials projects, we develop physical, digital and data-driven wearable tech products from prototype through to mass production.



Reduce risk to forward plan with confidence and clarity

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design and development

Test and validate your product through prototyping stages



Mass produce and quality control your product efficiently


hardware prototypes

software integration& App dev

machine learning &
AI insights

firmware development

IP & regulatory compliance

who we work with

We passionately believe in the benefits of predictive and preventative wearable technology that helps to change the world for the better. We work with mission-aligned companies in the health and wellbeing industries to turn great ideas into impactful, data-driven wearables.

Our system prototype project was a huge success thanks to Thrive. Our future product became much better defined and significantly improved, through the many contributions from the Thrive Team."

Trent English, Founder, NHE Health, USA

who we are
Jacob Thrive Wearables.png

Since completing a DPhil in experimental physics, Jacob has designed human-centred technology for over 10 years, as well as founding the agency, he speaks about tech globally.

Jacob, CEO

Zima Thrive Wearables.png

As a project lead as well as a  product development engineer, Zima's BSc in Product Design and MSc in Robotics and Autonomous Systems bring a fresh perspective to our tech team.

Zima, Projects

Dave Thrive Wearables.png

An expert innovator, creating value through design and delivering new technologies to market. Proud owner of an impressive portfolio of patents and mass-produced technologies.

Dave, Innovation

watch what we do

Watch a video intro about us, plus some of our most popular panel discussions and industry insights.