Concept Prototype

Turning a qualified idea, user requirements and technical insights into physical, digital and data driven prototypes for full user testing.


Concept prototyping reduces the risk for full product development and answers critical questions of usability, technology, cost and business case.

Successive prototyping

We bring together existing knowledge, research and testing to create successive prototypes; refining, optimising and miniaturising the design into an initial representative system.

Design review

We work collaboratively with you to solve the interactions between the physical, digital and data building blocks, iterate design, and deliver a concept prototype which demonstrates the core value proposition.

Data collection

We put your concept prototype into the hands of real
users for data collection. Data is the lifeblood of a
product, allowing advanced intelligence and insights
to drive decisions and user value.

Sepecification and roadmap

We work to encapsulate all of the findings, our expert recommendations, technical specifications for the product, and costings into a clear roadmap so that you can continue onto the linear development phase in a low risk, high benefit way.


A Concept Prototype demonstrates the proposition’s investment potential by bringing together learnings and unifying blocks into testable prototypes.

User testable

Systems architecture




“Thanks to Thrive and their knowledge of retailand its inherent challenges, we have been ableto swiftly design, develop, and deliver a customerproject. Communication was great and reallyhelped with the tight deadlines.”

Johan Avoine, Neue

Are you building a wearable?

Are you building a wearable?