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about us

We are Thrive Wearables, a committed team of technical experts on a mission to innovate health and wellbeing using wearable technology. Our resourceful, proficient, and committed team turn great ideas into engaging, user-centred wearables.

our history


Together, CEO Jacob Skinner and Director of Innovation Dave Sandbach set up Thrive back in 2015 as a consultancy dedicated to imagining, designing and developing relevant wearable devices, connected products, and smart environments that improve people’s health, fitness and wellbeing. Our head office has always been based in Brighton, a vibrant and bustling place with a strong focus on ethics and values - just like us.


Through the years we've worked on some cutting-edge projects, built lasting relationships with awesome companies - from start-ups to the world's largest brands - and we've grown a team of bright, talented and principled people too. We are now the leading wearable technology agency and the rest as they say, is history!


what we do

Thrive works across all areas of wearable technology development, from research, innovation and concept generation, to prototyping physical and digital systems, designing Machine Learning and AI approaches, and production management. Acting as your wearable technology partners, we want to help change the world for the better through evolving incredible ideas into successful products in the health and wellness market.

our mission

Our mission is to use technology to improve and enhance the wellbeing of people and our planet, achieving huge gains in health and wellness on a global scale. We passionately believe in the benefits of predictive and preventative technology and we exist to turn great ideas into impactful, data-driven wearables.

how we work

We develop physical, digital, and data-driven products from idea to mass production. Our skills range from the physical prototyping of wearables, and the development and delivery of physical technologies, to the interface and digital service development, through to the data science which drives the user engagement and product adoption of wearable technology.


We work on fixed price projects in partnership and collaboration with our clients, as well as under traditional time and materials briefs. 

our services



Reduce risk to forward plan with confidence and clarity

Design and development.png

design & development

Test and validate your product and its key functionality



Mass produce and quality control your product efficiently


hardware prototypes

software integration

machine learning &
AI insights

firmware development

IP & regulatory compliance

service spotlights

Each of our services is tailor-made to the exact requirements of your project, to illustrate how these run you can browse a selection below. Our team will talk through the best services to suit you, creating a bespoke process if one of our tried and tested methods doesn't fit your project.

Technology strategy

Leverage our technical expertise and navigate your development journey and route to market seamlessly. 

Wearable Product Accelerator

Propel your idea from paper to product across two interactive and inspiring workshops. 

stakeholder engagement pack

All the tools you need to improve your invest-ability and communicate your vision.

CONCEPT prototype

Providing you with a first holistic embodiment of your product and fast-track the prototype validation process 

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