We believe in a healthy, sustainable and hyper connected world, where modern technology brings people together, improves communication and adds real value to people’s lives.

We are a progressive and experienced team of technology change-makers, with a passion for solving problems and the expertise to turn great ideas into engaging, user-centred wearables. 

The Thrive team invent, innovate and deliver Wearable Technology from Idea to global mass production. We work with agile and innovative UK and European companies to realise their vision for connected, high impact IoT applications.


Thrive Wearables is an agency of engineers, creative experts, technologists, scientists, researchers, makers, shakers and pragmatists, who are brought together to create world class solutions.


Dr Jacob Skinner
Managing Director

Dave Sandbach
Director of Innovation


A highly iterative, creative and critical stage defining products. We work with Discovery Sessions, fast iteration and refinement and arrive at functional and non-functional prototypes.

Let us help you find a solution. Our 'Product Development Services' can assist at whatever stage of development you may be at - from a specific technical challenge to designing a full Product Ecosystem.

Taking the product to market takes care and precision. We build a mass production design and then set up the supply chain to make it happen. Delivery is Global.

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