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app development

Thrive Wearables is your digital development partner, working across software, firmware and hardware to design and develop your complete wearable technology solution.

As part of your software offering, we are specialists in physiology based application development across all major mobile and web interfaces.

our app development services

From strategy to implementation, we can conceptualise, innovate, design, develop and manufacture your complete wearable technology solution. Whether you are looking to simplify complex information into a user-friendly tool, or improve your customer experience whilst building brand loyalty, a web or mobile app can help you achieve these goals. Integrating an app into your technology architecture will also enable the monetisation of your services - a key dimension to most wearable propositions.


Transferring and processing data from a wearable device into a powerful mobile application enables insightful visualisations, and opens up countless possibilities for analysis, customer experience and even predictive and preventative insight generation.

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web and mobile applications

A web or mobile app allows you to generate, transfer, process and visualise powerful insights from your device; and by benefitting from UX and UI focused best practices, you can empower users by enabling them to visualise and monitor their own physiology data.


By working with Thrive Wearables, you will gain access to an expert team who can manage the full lifecycle of your web or mobile application. From concept, design and build, to the testing and deployment of your app, our team will validate your app architecture, process flows, technical specifications and software requirement specifications. We also have the ability to incorporate visualisations and machine learning technologies. 

apps for medical devices

We are focused on developing exceptional wearable products in the health and wellbeing space. To help us do this, we have a quality management system and work to a framework of processes, governance, risk and compliance best practice.


To bolster this quality management system, we hold an accreditation from the British Standards Institute for the internationally recognised standard of ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001 which enables us to design and develop prototypes for medical devices.

our capabilities at a glance

  • AI visualisations and machine learning technologies

  • Analysing legislation and regulations in line with our quality management system and medical device standards

  • App architecture, process flows, technical specifications and software requirement specifications

  • Backend development, app programming and design, frontend development

  • Conceptualisation and innovation

  • Custom SaaS platform service components

  • IOS, Android, Cloud Native and Hybrid Development

  • Leveraging bluetooth to power wearable devices

  • Mobile first UX and UI

  • Prototyping, testing and deployment

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