The latest news and developments in the wearable tech space.

Wearable trends show maturity and opportunity in 2018

Wearable trends show maturity and opportunity in 2018 With insiders and the public agreeing that Wearables were in need of a shakedown and reboot in 2017, what has changed and what is going on in 2018? If March 2017 punctuated the end of an era, 2018 has already shown...

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Sharing our entrepreneurial story

Excited to be a part of the panel discussion at Resilience: Fashion Entrepreneur Stories! event, 28 Feb, London We are excited to be a part of the Fashion Tech panel - Resilience: Fashion Entrepreneur Stories! , London 28 Feb. Our founder Jacob Skinner will share his...

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Nine Degree Products is evolving into Thrive Wearables

Nine Degree Products has grown rapidly over the last few years. Founder Jacob Skinner explains why we are evolving into Thrive Wearables. “When I founded Nine Degree Products in 2015, the world was a different place. Google Glass was cool, MisFit and Pebble were...

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Take Your Prototype To The Next Level With WEAR Sustain

Wearable technologies Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation (WEAR Sustain) is a European Commission funded (yay! for Europe!), 2 year, €3m Horizon 2020 project, which aims to connect people from art, design and creative industries with technology and...

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The Dawn of Wireless Charging

Ok - so the heart rate has gone down again, life can slowly get back to normal. Apple have finally released the product we all already knew about. One upgrade to the flagship phones is wireless charging. If we are being technically correct, consumer grade wireless...

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Big news at the Central Research Laboratory

I was in London last week and decided to pop along to an event at the CRL (Maker Connections) in Hayes and Harrington. What with Cross Rail and mega development, the area is changing faster than a Lean Startup. It was great to catch up with Mat Hunter (mega...

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NDP CEO Jacob Skinner is Riding For Charity

So I have signed up to ride from Paris to London next month in aid of charity ‘Room to Read’. Room to Read targets a fundamental solution to many of the worlds problems, that of education. By establishing schooling for girls and children across the developing world,...

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What are the trends for Wearable Tech?

Hopes were high for a wearable tech boom in 2016. The burgeoning market was poised to capitalise on the widespread adoption of ever smarter smartphones. However, at the end of 2016, some of the industry players who had been at the forefront of both brand and device...

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Wearables 2.0 – The End Of The Beginning

The world is embarking on an IoT revolution that is already reshaping the future. With the dawn of Wearables 2.0, what does the future hold? It will change forever the interaction between people, technology and the wider environment. It will ultimately cause us to...

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Geolocation – Wear are we?!

Image source: myorpheo.com Geolocation is a constantly improving technology with a myriad of potential uses. By utilizing combinations of common mobile device technologies like GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi positioning, NFC, Bluetooth beacons, and MEMS sensors, it is possible to...

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