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case study: Signifi Technology

NFT Jewellery

the goal

Signifi approached Thrive during their research and development phase of a new smart ring product. They wanted us to create a strategy plan for the creation of smart jewellery for the display of non fungible tokens (NFTs), incorporating a digital display, gesture recognition and a method of authentication (via a companion mobile application) for the owner of the item of jewellery. 

the challenge

At this point in their project, Signifi needed validation of their idea and our UX and UI expertise to better understand their user experience journey. The Signifi team required support in understanding the technical aspects and restrictions of a miniaturised device which needed long battery life and good connectivity at its core functionalities. They also required further guidance in choosing the best custom-designed display as well as finalising the technical priorities and user needs of the device within their budgetary constraints.


Other key scoping discussions consisted of mapping their product vision; essential attributes such as data security; power life and defining the design elements with production scale up in mind.

the solution

Through Thrive’s Wearable Product Accelerator process, we were able to map multiple user journeys to recommend the essential technical components to build a robust first generation prototype. We also provided essential insight into the necessary budget, timeline, and risk assessment plans in the report so Signifi could start their kickstarter campaign and feel confident heading into their first round of investment. Additionally, using our production expertise, we suggested delivery priorities to match the product performance, quality, and feature requirements, to reduce the cost for the first generation product. This enabled the team to have a solid strategic route for development and the necessary tools and insight to make the process clearer and reduce risk. 


Wearable Product Accelerator


Fitness Smart jewellery for the display of non fungible tokens (NFTs), incorporating a digital display, gesture recognition and a method of authentication.

form factor

Jewellery - Ring

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Thrive on the Wearable Product Accelerator. The team were great listeners and consistently impressed us with their efficient processes to extrapolate our ideas and ask the right questions in order to move us forward. If you or your team is looking for the access to expertise in order to explore key questions regarding your early-stage wearable product, the WPA is a great place to start.

Archie Croft, Signifi Technology Ltd.

project lead

With a background in design, Zima's BSc in Product Design and an MSc in Robotics and Autonomous Systems brings a fresh perspective to our development engineers.

Zima Pawulska, Product Development Engineer & Project Lead

Zima Thrive Wearables.png
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