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our lab

In the heart of Brighton are our offices and bespoke lab; due to the scale and complexities of the projects we work on we need a dedicated space, on-site, for our tech team to work. Inside the lab we may work on anything from CAD designs, research, and user testing to prototypes, the final iteration of your device and bespoke packaging.


We've got everything you could need to build a wearable device here…

and maybe a bit more!

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our pioneering equiptment

we have a range of different machines in the lab to ensure we can design and build your wearable from start to finish

SLS 3D Printers
Heat Press
Thermal cameras
Infrared equipment
Advanced Oscilloscopes

the Thrive lab team

bespoke prototyping

Inside the lab we work to create your custom prototypes using our tried and tested development techniques. This could include:

producing CADs and other software based imagery

creating bespoke moulds for plastics and holdings

integrated 3rd party or tailor made PCBs

 garment / smart textile selection and creation



Throughout the prototyping process we conduct thorough testing in our lab; this is carried out by our engineers and relayed back to you by your technical project lead

get in touch and start your journey with thrive
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