Combining the creation of functional and aesthetic prototypes allows design and engineering to evolve in parallel.


By rapidly creating and iterating versions, the prototypes can be tested and improved faster. As the system design emerges, form, function and data processing converge and the product reaches design maturity, allowing users to react to the product in an early prototype form.

Wearable technology leverages a diverse set of skills, from aesthetic design, through the electronics, digital interfaces and data science. Our team are completely focused on developing their knowledge in these key areas and bring this to bear in a systematic way for our clients.

Read more about our Design services: Concept Prototype and Product Development.


“Working with the Thrive team allowed us to de-risk our planned technology roll-out. They delivered a body of research and concept work to our team to guide and inform decision making at board level.”

Barry Nee, Chief Information Officer, Care UK

Are you building a wearable?

Are you building a wearable?