Wearable technology leverages a diverse set of skills, from aesthetic design, through the electronics, digital interfaces and data science. Our team are completely focused on developing their knowledge in these key areas and bring this to bear in a systematic way for our clients.

Aesthetic prototype

We find that the form a wearable takes is as important as the functions it has. We develop the form of a product from the start, where iterations can be user tested early to understand behaviour and preference. These prototypes are created with function in mind, but form as the priority.


Proof of concept

Our team are experts in the sensors, electronics, network connectivity and data architecture of wearables. We initially work on mock-up technology, which can be built quickly and used to inform the final component selection. Functional prototypes don’t look like the final product, but they give rapid access to sensor signals for analysis, and programmable hardware for software development.

Wearable apps

Writing native and web applications for wearables is an art. Connectivity to physical hardware requires an extremely specialised set of technical skills, where power efficiency and algorithm distribution is key. Our apps leverage industry standard tool chains, combined with highly optimised code to create seamless experiences on mobile and web platforms.

Data science module

Leveraging the data created by the sensors on modern wearable technology products is what sets them apart from traditional electronic devices. By considering the device, mobile and cloud infrastructure available for a specific product, we design both training algorithms and real time analytics to run in all three environments seamlessly, harnessing the power of AI on wearables.


“Working with the Thrive team allowed us to de-risk our planned technology roll-out. They delivered a body of research and concept work to our team to guide and inform decision making at board level.”

Barry Nee, Chief Information Officer, Care UK



Health Care




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