With functional and form factor designs independently developed, the formal development phase allows these technologies to come together. Optimisation, refinement and in-depth user testing across physical, digital and data dimensions takes the product toward mass production.

Product consolidation and optimisation

With clarity on the functional performance, we develop a full version of the product, which looks and works like the final product will. It is in this phase that we optimise the component selection and work hard on cost engineering and supply chain preparation, including design-for-manufacture.

Product launch

Once the design is suitably refined and is working to an acceptable level, we will be shipping small numbers of units to test users to improve the user experience and ensure that the design assumptions are well-founded. This is critical work and can also involve larger trials with 50-100 users. We take care of administering and collating learnings from these trials.



We consider the product requirements in terms of complexity, likely unit volume, IP rights then select a supply chain partner to meet our clients’ needs. We work closely with you to ensure that our designs are translated into mass production correctly. Our value is in having deep knowledge of the product requirements, user experience and the technical demands of mass production. We manage every step of the way. Sourcing, procurement and documentation are key areas that we work on.


“Having met Thrive at the Wearable Tech Show last year, they have been with me all the way as we prototype and seek funding for our product. Their knowledge in product development, getting investment and developing the value proposition has been super helpful.”

Hadeel Ayoub, BrightSign, London



Health Care




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