The clothes we wear are likely the oldest form of Wearable Technology in existence. However, apart from recent advances in materials science, the process of creating fabrics has evolved relatively slowly over thousands of years. All that is changing, as the IoT blends more and more things with the digital world. Our work with Smart Fabrics is at the frontier of this emerging market, which for a long time has failed to ignite, but now holds such a lot of promise to give seamless technology with a gentle blending of the physical and digital worlds.

At Thrive Wearables we have been working with fabric technology combinations for years and our team have created many patented technologies in the space. Although finding technologies that work well in this form is extremely challenging, we are now approaching a point where resilient and reliable sensors can be integrated with organic and conductive polymer fabrics to form real value propositions that people actually want and use.

Our approach to Smart Fabric Wearables is to look at manufacturability and robustness first and ensure that what we prototype can be readily translated to the production scale looms and assembly processes available in the market place. Above this we look for innovative use of connectivity, colour and the essential ingredient of high usability, including washability, charging, connectivity and a strong design for ever changing fashion.


A highly iterative, creative and critical stage defining products. We work with Discovery Sessions, fast iteration and refinement and arrive at functional and non-functional prototypes.

Let us help you find a solution. Our 'Product Development Services' can assist at whatever stage of development you may be at - from a specific technical challenge to designing a full Product Ecosystem.

Taking the product to market takes care and precision. We build a mass production design and then set up the supply chain to make it happen. Delivery is Global.

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