Wearable devices need to be lightweight, durable, comfortable and easy to use. They need to generate minimal heat, store data, connect to other devices, and be made of materials that are safe for use on or in the human body. They may also need to be water resistant, washable, bendable, and have a long battery life. And if they’re for the consumer market, they need to be fashionable too. We have successfully developed wearable devices that meet all these criteria.

We can recommend biocompatible materials, design and assemble flexible or flex-rigid circuit boards for devices that fit body contours, and integrate your preferred wireless connectivity protocols, including Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, Thread, SIGFOX, LoRa or 2/3/4G. We can also develop products powered by body heat, solar energy or movement.

We take a strategic approach to product design. This just means that we think about more than the aesthetics and how it works. We consider all the elements and disciplines involved in developing a new product: from market gaps, consumer needs and competitors, through human psychology, ergonomics, branding, product personality and fashion trends. We design for the user experience (UX), and as part of this we also think about how the product fits with other devices and elements in the product ecosystem. We bring in specialist mechanical engineers and materials scientists if we need to, and work closely with the electronics designers at every stage.

We develop more than just the wearable devices, prototyping the back-end systems, APIs and mobile apps that make up the product system. One of our specialties is designing sensor technologies for the Quantified Self, and converting compound measurement into data that lets researchers and users track performance, change and improvement far more accurately than popular fitness devices on the market.


A highly iterative, creative and critical stage defining products. We work with Discovery Sessions, fast iteration and refinement and arrive at functional and non-functional prototypes.

Let us help you find a solution. Our 'Product Development Services' can assist at whatever stage of development you may be at - from a specific technical challenge to designing a full Product Ecosystem.

Taking the product to market takes care and precision. We build a mass production design and then set up the supply chain to make it happen. Delivery is Global.

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