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At Thrive we design, develop and produce firmware supported products. Creating wearables that can help empower users and give them a better insight into their health relies on using mature firmware that can support a high degree of device complexity.

our firmware specialisms

We believe the firmware that sits inside our devices is integral to the success of each project; every solution we provide meets industry best practice and undergoes rigorous in house testing to maintain a high level of quality. 


Our team covers all aspects of electronics and microcontroller solution design, from simulation through PCB design and prototype build. Our firmware abilities are far reaching, drawing on expert knowledge of the latest technologies in order to create innovative solutions. Our engineers undertake detailed laboratory testing, simulation and analysis to deliver devices of the highest standard.


our skills and experience

  • digital Signal Processing

  • android and iOS Bluetooth connectivity

  • nrf52, STM and ARM platforms

  • python and other scripting languages


  • hardware and software debugging

  • application of development boards and peripherals - (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32’s etc)

  • sensors and interfacing

  • system design and architecture

developing your firmware

Firmware is key to creating a device that is both functional and flexible, and that can adapt to accommodate technological advancements and updates. It allows you to integrate your device into a more complex ecosystem, communicating with mobiles, computers or other electronic devices. This is essential in wearable technology as we often require the ability to track, share, analyse, and act on

device data. 


Once your device's requirements and functions have been defined, our engineers will begin to create solutions to meet your users' needs. Our engineers can create complex solutions that are able to perform multiple actions, transmitting data or running background code to allow your device to perform functions simultaneously. 


After the solution is created, we test that it meets (or sometimes exceeds!) your device's requirements.


designing firmware for medical devices

We are focused on developing exceptional wearable products in the health and wellbeing space. To help us do this, we have a quality management system and work to a framework of processes, governance, risk and compliance best practice.


To bolster this quality management system, we hold an accreditation from the British Standards Institution for the internationally recognised standard of ISO 13485:2016  which enables us to design and develop prototypes, and their firmware, for medical devices. Alongside this we have also achieved ISO 9001 accreditation, ensuring the quality of our work and management processes across the business.

CASE STUDY: bioself technology

Using wearable technology to regulate the nervous system’s stress response.

case study: moonly

Transforming Moonly’s pain management concept into a functional device


Our innovation services can progress your vision into a pragmatic project plan.

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