Grant writing

Our Grant Writing service focuses the proposition and pulls together a compelling submission on time, without stress and with a mutual interest in the benefits of success.


Our Grant Writing service is unique because we only work with projects which feature us as a collaborator. This mutual benefit significantly increases your chances of success compared to off-the-shelf grant writers.

Idea development

We work closely with you to sharpen the value proposition of your business case or product idea. Using this as a solid foundation, we will increase your potential for impact.

Funding strategy

We consult our extensive funding database, which is updated regularly, to continuously identify potential targets. We take the time to comb through specific scope and eligibility criteria to maximise chances of success.

Content building

For a specific funding call, we compile highly targeted and relevant content. We work to fill gaps in the consortium and stress test the product’s evidence base.

The submission

We draft and redraft to submit on time and to a high standard. Because we are only focused on the projects we want to support, we are able to learn, assimilate and produce real quality submissions.


Our experience of how Innovate UK and other bodies award grants allows us to craft compelling propositions that get you funded.

Transparent process



*Innovate UK


“The team at Thrive have been dedicated to getting our joint submission in on time. This collaboration and Jodi’s proactive approach to managing the process, allowed for a rapid turnaround.”Professor Jonathan Marsden
University of Plymouth

Professor Jonathan Marsden, University of Plymouth

Are you building a wearable?

Are you building a wearable?