Hardware Design sprint

Answer critical business questions, rapidly prototype and gain invaluable feedback from users.

Laying solid foundations in the concept and innovation stages will significantly increase confidence and clarity throughout the product development journey.

The sprint generates a selection of design concepts and the most promising one is rapidly prototyped by our experts and then validated with real users.


We use our expertise in wearables and build on the principles of the proven Google Ventures methodology.


Background research

Insight into the target market, end users, state-of-the-art technologies and relevant components.


Decision sprint

We collaborate to refine long-term goals, interview domain experts, create candidate ideas, and decide on a winning solution.


Hardware prototyping

With expertise across industrial design, electronics, software, and soft goods, we rapidly create a testable prototype.


User test

We test the prototype with real users, observing their interactions, and learn through quantitative and qualitative feedback.


A Hardware Design Sprint is a proven process for the design, rapid physical prototyping and user testing of product concepts. Progressing with the following design stage is made simpler and has reduced risk.


A tested prototype

A project roadmap

MVP requirements


Thrive Wearables’ attention to detail and customer needs is unrivalled.

Dr Tom Dawson, Rescon Ltd

Are you building a wearable?

Are you building a wearable?