WOW knowledge hub with Jacob Skinner

Our CEO, Jacob Skinner, will be sharing insights from Thrive’s diverse experience taking clients through a roadmap to deploy wearables at a webinar held later this month for the Women of Wearables Knowledge Hub. If you are a Women of Wearables (WoW) member, you can click on the button below to get your ticket.

About this session

“How to bootstrap the deployment of wearable tech products” with Dr Jacob Skinner, CEO of Thrive Wearables

In this session, Dr Jacob Skinner will cover:

  • Knowing your stakeholders
  • Selecting features
  • Planning vs developing
  • Adopting an Agile mindset
  • Collecting user data
  • Prototype vs product

Got a question for Jacob? Ask your question here when registering for the ticket.

The WoW Knowledge Hub is an online program for Women of Wearables members consisting of carefully curated sessions with WoW experts, covering areas such as product development, PR and marketing, legal, investment, fundraising, and everything in between. Thrive is delighted to be a partner of Women of Wearables and to share our knowledge and exchange insights with this vibrant community. See all WoW sessions here.

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