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confidently progress your vision into a pragmatic project plan



Rapidly distil your product vision and forward plan with confidence. Through an agile approach to innovation, we work with you to establish or clarify user need, helping to prioritise your key product attributes and develop a feasibility prototype to test system configurations and key components.

the process

We rapidly distil your product value proposition into a pragmatic project roadmap. Through an agile approach, we work with you to establish - or clarify - user need, helping to prioritise your key product attributes.


We will also work with you to develop a feasibility prototype with carefully selected elements that test which system configurations and key components can best deliver the desired functionality.

the benefits

This process will allow you to gain broad access to our wearables knowledge, empowering you to make better strategic decisions, optimise resource management, and provide confidence for your stakeholders. 


This will enable you to forward plan your product development with certainty, utilising our expertise to reduce your project risks.

the outcome

At the end of this phase, your product’s form factor and key functionality will have been tested and validated by the users, you’ll have approval from stakeholders, your technical requirements will be specified and the functional requirements will have been met. 

On completion of this phase, you'll be ready to move on to design & development

innovation services

Each innovation service is tailor-made to the exact requirements of your project, to illustrate how these run you can browse a selection below. Our team will talk through the best services to suit you, creating a bespoke process if one of our tried and tested methods doesn't fit your project.

Technology strategy

Leverage our technical expertise and navigate your development journey and route to market seamlessly. Reduce your project risk by establishing an informed revenue model, reducing time to market, building your IP portfolio and ultimately increasing confidence in your product.

Wearable Product Accelerator

Propel your idea from paper to product. Across two fast-paced, interactive and inspiring workshops, our team takes the time to understand your product vision and translate it into a pragmatic product development roadmap, packed with expert advice to validate your project scope and product feasibility. 

stakeholder engagement pack

Get all the tools you need to improve your investability. In this visually appealing and digestible pack, we'll create a streamlined product development process, and write qualified product specifications so you can clearly communicate your product vision to multiple teams and build investor confidence.

“The Thrive team have been our Technology Partners through the Concept stage. They are designing and running field trials with UK based football fans to take our vision to mass production in a very tight timeframe. Their commitment and passion has been outstanding.”

Simon Woollard, Fantastec, London

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