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case study: Moonly

Transforming Moonly’s pain management concept into a functional device

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Moonly is a European start-up with a genuinely pioneering idea. They’re growing fast thanks to the passion and focus of their founders, as well as the confidence of their seed investors. Their mission was to provide a new, wearable solution for pain management for menstruation and endometriosis: the Mymoony belt.

the goal

Moonly brought their inspiring ideas and some research to Thrive Wearables, aiming to identify the right technology to achieve their product aim: a pain management belt that provides relief from menstrual pain and endometriosis. The belt needed to be unobtrusive enough to be worn under clothing throughout the day.

the challenge

To produce a Concept Prototype for user testing, marketing and initial manufacture validation. Moving from an idea to a tangible product needs a carefully managed approach. We also needed to move the Mymoony belt into a position where it could be user tested in a rapid timeframe. The fast production of the belt prototype would allow for further investments and stakeholders to engage with the project.

the solution


The team used a Technology Strategy to produce the initial research then moved onto testing, via a Feasibility Prototype. Once this had been fully resolved a Concept Prototype was produced for user testing. This was a fully functioning unit with an android application, and gave the Moonly team a first look at their project as a physical entity. 


This was achieved in under 12 months. During this time frame IP was created and a patent was obtained.


Technology Strategy 

Feasibility Prototype


Concept Prototype

Engineering Validation


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form factor


Thrive met our expectations and more. They listened and fully understood our vision with a detail oriented approach. Without the team and their experience, we could not have developed our prototype, and their technical expertise and clarity in their approach made the journey a pleasure to make together.

Asma Hassoune, Founder, Moonly

project lead

Zima holds a BSc in Product Design, and an MSc in Robotics and Autonomous Systems. The Moonly project was her first introduction into femtech, where she has had real, positive impact, and broken gender barriers in health and wellbeing. Her specialisms are pain management, assistive technologies, belts, bandages and clothing.

Zima Pawulska, Product Development Engineer & Project Lead

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