Nine Degree Products are very excited to announce a new collaboration with upcoming wearable technology startup Ignius Ltd.

Ignius is developing a low cost, reliable and robust safety solution for vulnerable individuals especially women. NDP will be helping Ignius innovate and roll out their ambitious product development and eco-system deployment plans. The technology has wide ranging social benefit and aligns perfectly with NDP’s vision of providing solutions that have a massive benefit to people, society and the wider environment.

Early work with Ignius wearable product

In the coming months we will be working closely with Ignius on route to market solutions for their wearable technology product. The work will build on previous proof of principle testing and market validation work conducted by Ignius. NDP will be advising on prototyping and iterating the physical and digital system and providing supply chain advice to support and further de-risk roll out of the first version of their Liv product line.

About Ignius

Ignius are a London Tech startup who are passionate about using IoT and connected devices to address some of the biggest challenges in countries where the need is greater but resources fewer.

Chakshu Saharan, who heads up Ignius, is excited about the collaboration: “We are delighted to be working with NDP on the first generation of our technology. We chose NDP because of their experience in wearables, wireless technology and supply chain planning, where combining these key skills with our in-house expertise will amplify our traction and allow us to focus our key resources on delivering our vision”.

Jacob Skinner (founder of NDP) is delighted to start this new collaboration “We have been in discussions with Chakshu for some time and it is very exciting that Ignius have chosen NDP as their technology partner. The project will leverage our expertise in low power, wireless and wearable technology and matches perfectly with our ethos of working with high social impact entrepreneurs”. 


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