Turning good ideas into great concepts

We are passionate about working Lean and working fast to tease out the key elements of a product concept, where we work together to turn the basic idea into an investable proposition. It is also often the point where budgets are tight and high impact results are needed fast.

Our extensive experience and technology insight allow us to drill down into the assumptions and unknowns to formulate a product concept, plan for its delivery and reduce the risks associated with moving it to the next stage. Whether that be raising investment or convincing internal stakeholders, we turn ideas into demonstrable technology that can then take a product to the next level.

DISCOVER – Amplify your idea

Our Ideation Sessions take your idea to the next level fast. We host your team in London or Brighton and our expert team spend a day working with you to explore your idea and understand the potential users. Then we’ll cut to the core of your value proposition to identify the minimum viable product and the right development approach.

As well as clearly setting out the next steps in the product development process, the detailed roadmap report from the session will give you practical advice on your product niche, how to de-risk your development, and how to fast track validation using prototyping and smart user testing. It can also help you by identifying potential new IP.


VALIDATE – Prove the principle

With any truly innovative product idea there’s an element of uncertainty around the technology. We work closely with you to find innovative ways of de-risking the value proposition. Digital renderings, 3D printed looks like prototypes, animations and research data are combined with proof of principle prototypes to allow direct engagement with users.

A proof of principle prototype doesn’t look anything like the final product and is intentionally low on features, but it can be created quickly in our labs to target areas of higher risk and allow for rapid testing of the basic value proposition through systematic user testing.


DEMONSTRATE – Create the value proposition

Having extensively leveraged digital, physical and user-based data, the final step in concept development is to produce a demonstration technology system that combines all the previous learnings and shows the product vision in a cohesive and compelling prototype.

This would normally take the form of a Wearable device that is a good approximation of the form factor aspired to, along with the digital application and cloud elements that show the user experience that the product aspires to create. At the end of this phase, the product can be tested on larger user groups and shown to investors or stakeholders to take it to the next level.