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partnerships and collaborations

We are passionate about what we do and to help spread the word, we support local and global communities to lead innovation in the Health tech, FemTech and MedTech spaces. Our team of amazing individuals all have different voices, experiences and expertise to share with the world.

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Inspiration sparks innovation, so we surround ourselves with like-minded people who want to make the world a better place.


We are creating a wearables ecosystem of thought leaders, experienced professionals and progressive minds, who collaborate on opportunities, share knowledge and create disruptive ideas together.


ways to get involved



We work in partnership on a sales-based referral programme within our network. This is in the form of a reciprocal agreement whereby referrals, either to us or from us, are given in the goodwill that a base commission of any initial contracted business will be passed to the referring partner*.


knowledge sharing

Whether that's through blogs, articles and podcasts, panel discussions, white papers or IRL events, we are happy to bring some fresh content to your agenda, to add insight, quotes or even bring that credibility to a conversation about a piece of wearable tech which might be at the edge of your expertise.



Think of us as an extension of your in house tech team. You can tap into our expertise when you need it because of our flexible collaboration options. Some teams hire us to facilitate ideation sessions, some to write their grant (or competition) submissions, and some as their outsourced CTO, it's up to you.

*We jointly agree to pay the other partner the agreed commission on each invoice that forms the initial contracted business, when the contracted partner receives the funds from the client.

All Hands In

We are a team of people that aim to make a positive impact to health and wellbeing, and we love getting involved in various opportunities to collaborate and contribute our knowledge. That can be from school projects, and career days, to conducting university workshops and providing support to other local businesses. We're building a network of dynamic teams that are as excited about technology as us!


Our team is ready to get involved, is yours?

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Blurry Waves

“The Thrive team have been our Technology Partners through the Concept stage. They are designing and running field trials with UK based football fans to take our vision to mass production in a very tight timeframe. Their commitment and passion has been outstanding.”

Simon Woollard, Fantastec, London

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