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AI on the edge of the edge, a keynote by Dr Jacob Skinner at the Wearable Tech Show 2019

We are excited to announce that Dr Jacob Skinner will be giving a talk, titled “AI on the edge of the edge”, at the upcoming Wearable Technology Show in London, 13 March.

In a world of increasing interconnectivity and information comes a sea of data. Most of this data ends up being useless. In his presentation, Dr Jacob Skinner draws on the work Thrive Wearables does and on the general trend towards ‘edge of the edge’ processing on extremely resource limited wearable technology products, where data can be sorted and transmitted efficiently at source. What are the implications and benefits of the emerging solutions? What are the consequences for user experience, and who is operating in this space?

You can see the full line up for the conference here.

We will also be at Thrive’s Innovation stage, for a discussion on “Gaining traction and having impact with wearables”.

We will be drawing on extensive experience from the commercialisation coalface on how to make game-changing innovations materialise into world-beating products. The session will be audience-focused and will draw on the experiences and thoughts of the panel to tackle current problems and explore solutions. How do we plan in such a fast-changing environment? How to stay ahead of the pack? What is the killer combination of software and hardware? How do we draw consumers back to wearable tech? These are only some of the questions we will discuss.


  1. Dr Jacob Skinner, CEO, Thrive Wearables

  2. Stefan Chmelik, CEO & Founder, BioSelf Technology

  3. Monika Dunkel, UK Knowledge Transfer Network

We hope to see you at the event. If you wish to connect with Dr Jacob Skinner, come visit us at stand C12, next to the Innovation Theatre, which we are proudly supporting.

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