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Form factor prototyping: how does it work?

Get user feedback early and make sure that the product is going to hit the mark and have enduring appeal

what is it?

Rapidly turning a product vision into a physical embodiment of the future product by creating a prototype which looks close to this vision.

rapid visualisations

We use a range of digital tools to bring the product concept to life and make changes rapidly to meet user needs.

physical prototyping

We will develop a series of rapid prototypes to establish the elements of the form, selecting materials that bring the tactile experience to life.

testing and design evolution

Each prototyping iteration brings the design closer to reality. Fast build cycles and user testing allow the key design drivers to emerge and become specified, integrated and user tested.

final deployment

Within a short timeframe, the materials and design become refined. We print, machine, make and finish the prototype using a range of tools and technologies and expert model making, delivering a convincing vision for the product.

what you get

A Form Factor Prototype allows you to put the future product in the hands of users and investors before it exists! Freeing the design process from the functional elements allows the form and aesthetics to take centre stage, ensuring that users are exposed to assumed design drivers early on.

Modern printing and fabrication methods allow us to get very close to the finish quality of a mass-produced, moulded product, so this representation of the product can go a long way to asking and answering user acceptance and usage questions before the inner workings are even close to finished.

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