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Giant Health Event: Wearable Wellness, 22 Nov 2018

We are delighted to announce our involvement in the 2018 GIANT Health Event. On the 22nd November, we will be running a packed schedule of speakers and interactive panel discussions at the show, and will be opening the debate on what happens next as we reach a level of maturity and advancement in Wearable Technology. This shift is opening up enormous opportunities for industry-wide disruption and reformation and will usher in an exciting time for health and wellness technology innovation.

Wearable Wellness Track

Our track opens with two keynote addresses from pioneering speakers in the Wearable Wellness space, including Stephen Hicks from Oxford-based startup, Oxsight. After the break, we will introduce a panel of speakers, with the chance for the audience to really get involved with the discussion. This segment of the line-up will examine some of the state-of-the-art Wearables already catching the eye of the industry, whilst considering where things are heading and what the watch-outs are expected along the way.

After lunch, we bring things back together with a keynote address and another audience driven panel, where we roll our sleeves up to examine the elements of Wearable Wellness technology that we have at hand and the technologies that are at our disposal right now. We conclude with a final closing keynote, where Barry Nee of CareUK will tell us about their ambitious, but absolutely pertinent entry to the wearable enabled healthcare space.

Barry Shrier, founder of Giant Health expressed his excitement about Thrive joining the conference;

‘This year, Giant Health 2018 is adding an important new module to our annual festival of health tech innovation; the Wearable Wellness track, run by Thrive Wearables. Data is more crucial than ever in healthcare, and wearables provide a cost-effective and centralised source of data for the healthcare domain. The expanding global wearables market is fast becoming an essential aspect of healthcare, and GIANT Health 2018 is proud to be highlighting this with a valuable whole day conference programme.’

Join us, and thousands of other passionate innovators at Europe’s greatest festival of tech innovation on the 22nd of November. Find inspiration from leading innovators, and discover the advances in technology that are transforming the healthcare provision.

We have a number of limited exclusive deal tickets available, so get in contact to find out more. You can also purchase tickets for the two-day conference here:

Giant Health Event: Wearable Wellness, 22nd November 2018

Venue: Chelsea Football Club

London, UK


Twitter: @gianthealthevnt

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