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Thrive’s key takeaways from Giant Health 2020


2020 has seen a massive jump forward in the perception of wearable based health technologies, with their use accelerating to combat COVID-19 and deliver step changes to healthcare. Thrive’s track at this year’s event showcased some phenomenal global innovators in the space. From the legendary HeartMath CEO Debora Rozen to Time Magazine winning Nuheara‘s Alan Davis, we were privileged to have some scintillating conversations and we uncovered some truly inspiring insights from our lineup of 20 global speakers.

Thrive kicked off another year at the GIANT Health Event, normally held in London, now with a distinctively distant, but global calibre line up. Thrive ran an ambitious 2 day program, Wearables: Redefining Healthcare and I was fortunate enough to kick the track off by talking with four global authorities on hearable technologies, an area which is going to be huge in 2021. Forget Apple, these were people from high innovation startups focusing on game changing sensing and hearing wearables.

Hot on the heels of this session the global audience were able to hear broad perspectives on new technologies for muscle stimulation, where we have seen some big traction in the last year, with participants from leading UK business and academia. We concluded day 1 by unpicking the nuances of how mental health is being improved non invasively and with huge impact, using technology rather than tablets. This is such a fascinating topic and a massive opportunity for health impact.

Day 2 was kicked off with a focus on how wearables are providing a game changing opportunity to deliver clinical trials in the current pandemic, which has decimated many trials and left others on the drawing board. With frontline teams still battling the front line of COVID-19, the tip of the iceberg masks the impact across healthcare and drug discovery and wearables are looking perfectly positioned to deliver real world data with unrivalled resolution. An area Thrive can deploy rapidly within.

Befitting of the final session of the show, we looked at sleep tech and in a similar vein to the delicate subject of mental health discussed on day 1, we discovered the global leaders helping people to sleep in a world turned up to 11 and found again that wearables are setting new standards in data capture and usage.

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