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How is the medical wearable landscape evolving with advanced tech?

In today's world, wearable medical devices are becoming more and more prevalent, helping to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. But what role will data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence play in revolutionising this industry? Can these techniques help drive a new wave of innovation, and how can we ensure that software is safe and secure enough to monitor personal physiological data continuously?

In this insightful discussion, we explore the current medical wearable device landscape and the challenges that come with integrating cutting-edge technology into these devices. Additionally, within this blog we will be exploring how these technologies have the potential to democratise healthcare and improve people's health by enabling them to monitor their health constantly and feed it back to medical professionals.

With this rapidly advancing field, ethical and regulatory dimensions need to be taken into account and assessed. But what are the challenges that must be overcome to create reliable, regulated medical devices that are safe and secure for patients? Read on to take a peak into the future of wearable medical devices and how we can leverage cutting-edge sensors and software to create innovative health monitoring solutions.

Read the full article by Thrive CEO Dr Jacob Skinner and Software Engineer Will Berriss on Med Device Online.

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