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I believe in wearable wellness

One of the newest members of the Thrive team, Jodi Parslow, shares her thoughts on helping those in need and how wearable technology can be a part of it.

My role at Thrive Wearables

When I discovered Thrive Wearables, I knew instantly why I wanted to become a part of the team. Thrive’s beneficent ethos really inspired me and excited me about the future of wearable health solutions. With an NHS healthcare background myself, and an academic background in medical neuroscience research, I fully understand the health marketplace and the need for novel technology focused on improving wellness.

So naturally, I am very enthusiastic about the real potential for well-designed wearables to add value to people’s lives. This enthusiasm and ability to recognise the significance of our work makes my new position as Thrive’s Grant and Proposal Writer a stimulating role to fill.

Thrive new office

‘The Mental Elf for Mental Health’

I have always had an interest in helping others, particularly in problem areas around the pursuit of good health. As well as my experience in healthcare, I like to volunteer my time throughout the year to different health-focused charitable bodies. I believe I learnt this humanitarian attitude from other members of my family who have also worked in various caring roles, with vulnerable individuals.

Thrive are proudly supporting Mind, the mental health charity, by advocating ‘The “Real” Christmas Elf’ – an initiative orchestrated by my mother, Louise Parslow. In an effort to raise money and awareness for mental health illness she is dressing up as an elf, earning herself the name ‘the mental elf for mental health’. She is taking on new challenges throughout December, posting them daily on social media in an Advent calendar-like fashion. Louise has had support from the NHS, fire services, local police as well as various other businesses. She has raised an amazing £1,273.50 so far for the charity and Thrive are proud ambassadors of her cause. 

To read more about Louise Parslow’s story or donate to Mind visit her Just Giving page


New year, new tech

2019 is going to be an exciting year for all of us here at Thrive. We have lots of events planned, new partnerships forming and some exciting products lined up, promising for a new year all about digital wellbeing. With family members with long-term health conditions, I personally feel optimistic about the future of wearable technology and its ability to improve outcomes for people. We are passionate about designing and developing wearables for wellness as we believe modern technology can revolutionise the way we perceive and approach current wellbeing goals.

Article by Jodi Parslow, Grant and Proposal Writer at Thrive Wearables

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