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Interview with Dr Jacob Skinner for IDTechEx, Wearable USA 2018

CEO of Thrive Wearables, Dr Jacob Skinner will be giving a presentation titled ‘Making Wearables Truly Compelling’ at IDTechEx’s Wearable USA show on the 14 November. In the run-up to his visit to California, Jacob gave a short interview with the organisers at IDTechEx, to explain why he’s excited to be back in Silicon Valley and to share his opinion on leading innovators and applications in the Wearables space, as well as some of the challenges slowing down its progression.

Why are you looking forward to the IDTechEx event in Santa Clara?

IdTechEx delivers a diverse and high-quality combination of speakers and suppliers, many of whom are closely relevant to our work. We already work with US clients and talking to the market in the heart of Silicon Vally is very exciting for Thrive.

What are, in your opinion, the most important innovations and/or applications in your technology field(s)?

The new generation of fabric coatings, technologies and manufacturing techniques are extremely interesting. There are signs of improvements in battery technology, which helps us in our work in delivering miniaturised and cutting-edge Wearables.

What are the most significant challenges that are slowing down further market adoption?

In our industry, there has been a drive towards developing general purpose Wearable Technologies. This ‘low hanging fruit’ approach has missed the mark with users. Creating niche products and then growing these niches to deliver high user value is key to sustained adoption and product profitability. 

Currently, we are working with several US clients with on-going projects; however, we are always looking to build stronger relationships within the US market. Speaking at IDTechEx in Santa Clara allows Thrive to talk to the heart of Silicon Valley – an opportunity we are very excited about.     Jacob Skinner CEO Thrive Wearables

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