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BioSelf choose Thrive as Wearables Product Development Partner

We are delighted to announce our latest collaboration with up and coming technology startup, BioSelf Technology Ltd on product development of their innovative wellness wearable.

Thrive will be working with BioSelf to deliver technology for their new Sensate wellbeing wearable. We will be working alongside the BioSelf team to rapidly develop and then deliver to market a revolutionary meditation and relaxation aid, encompassing a wearable device; mobile application and cloud services. The innovative biofeedback system will reduce stress and create “meditation on demand” for users.

Ongoing Relationship

The work will build on previous concept development and innovation work NDP have done with BioSelf and our product development team will now head up rapid development of first generation prototypes, including user testing and product visualisations over the next few months. This work will dovetail with the creation and development of a consumer version of the Sensate biofeedback system in 2017.

About BioSelf

BioSelf are an ambitious, seed stage, technology strartup company based in Central London, that is gaining traction in the stress relief and wellness space.

Our CEO Jacob Skinner, who has worked with BioSelf for some time and has taken up an executive role with the company, had this to say about the project: “It is absolutely brilliant that BioSelf have chosen NDP as their development partner. Our strong focus on wearables and extensive experience with on-body measurement, wireless and low power makes the relationship a natural fit. It is with people like Stefan that we find a great opportunity for synergy, where extraordinary vision can be coupled with our extensive skill base to create a smart connected device eco-system that drives engagement, solves a real problem and will ultimately deliver huge value to users and market traction for BioSelf.”

Stefan Chmelik was also very encouraged by the prospect of fast tracking his vision to market: “Working with NDP was an obvious choice as the partnership will allow BioSelf to benefit from their wearables and wellbeing experience. Their broad ranging, expert skill set will fast track our meditation and stress relief digital and physical product development work. The relationship is a natural synergy”.

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