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Nine Degree Products is evolving into Thrive Wearables

Nine Degree Products has grown rapidly over the last few years. Founder Jacob Skinner explains why we are evolving into Thrive Wearables.

“When I founded Nine Degree Products in 2015, the world was a different place. Google Glass was cool, MisFit and Pebble were poster children of the Wearables scene and AI was a curiosity, rather than a reality in the minds of most. Our company has changed a lot too. We have grown through the hype and despite the public boredom with Wearable Technology and we have seen our client base grow exponentially over the last 12 months.

The growth and experience of the last three years has taken us from a boutique ‘guns for hire’ IoT company, to the only agency focusing entirely on developing Wearable Technology Products in Europe. It is with the backdrop of this growth, maturity and confidence that we have decided to refresh our brand and rename the company to Thrive Wearables.

Thrive represents our core values of conscious and intentional design, where hardware and software are seamlessly integrated to form positive high impact technologies, creating excellent user experience and product retention. Our clients across Europe are comprised of a spectrum of sectors, but they are commonly united by our appetite for making a difference to people through hyper-connected, enabling technologies.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who we have met over the last 3 years and to reach out to all those that we have not. We are Thrive Wearables and we want to see a better world.”

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