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Smart Shoes and Parkinson’s: Seeking European Partners for Gait Analysis Grant Application  

Thrive Wearables is the leading wearable technology design and development consultancy based in the UK, making an impact in global health and wellbeing through bringing wearable innovations to market. 


Call for Partners:

We are seeking to partner up with European universities, institutes, research bodies, SMEs, start-ups or larger organisations in industry in order to develop a novel smart shoe device. This would monitor gait and balance, to provide an objective continuous remote assessment of a Parkinson’s patient’s motor function to inform clinical decisions. There is also a possibility for extensive additional applications in other neurodegenerative diseases.

Expertise required in one or more of these areas:

  1. Experts in balance/gait pathophysiology

  2. Organisations that lead on patient and public involvement, ethics, study design and clinical input

  3. Healthcare mobile app developers (meeting privacy, security and quality assurance parameters)

  4. Specialists in data science


The most immediate deadline is 19 May for an application for the Horizon EIC Accelerator Pathfinder Open grant. We are prepared to do the application work but need to understand firm expressions of interest from European partners who wish to collaborate on this project and are happy to be included in the application. Please do reach out even at a later date, as we are always keen to develop trusted long-term partnerships with like-minded organisations.

To find out more information about the smart shoe project, or to express your interest in partnering up, please get in touch here

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