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Stress management revolutionary wearable to hit mass production stage

We have been working with BioSelf, a London and Los Angeles based startup, on their revolutionary wearable product tackling stress and anxiety. Sensate is designed to calm your fight-flight-freeze response, to relax you in the moment and improve your stress resilience over time. As with many of the products Thrive works on, we predict this one will be a real disruptor. It is set to revolutionise the space of self-regulating and supporting mental health with wearable technology.

BioSelf, the company behind Sensate, is currently undergoing a pivotal growth period, taking their product to the consumer market. This comes after intense development work in partnership with Thrive. We have been working with BioSelf since the first stage of development and our collaboration stems from a shared vision of improving life through wearable technology. As their R&D and product development partners, we have taken the Sensate product from Founder Stefan Chmelik’s idea though prototyping and are now supporting them with deployment of their innovation at scale through establishing mass manufacturing.

Here is what Stefan Chmelik, BioSelf Founder, had to say about working with us:

“We were fortunate to find Thrive at an early stage. They have been creative and proactive since day one and have done a fantastic job of bringing solid engineering to our concepts and ideas. Sensate is already changing thousands of lives, and we are excited to now scale our technology worldwide. BioSelf Technology is all about impact, and the need for an effective solution to the global mental health crisis is sorely needed now more than ever. We are working on new innovations with Thrive and could not be more excited about this.”

sensate, Brighton, 2016



Jacob Skinner, Thrive Wearables CEO, on Thrive’s work with BioSelf:

“We have a long-established partnership with BioSelf and are thrilled to support them in the next stage of their development, bringing Sensate to a mass market. We have been working with them since the inception of this innovative idea, taking it through prototyping, user testing, product development and now to the next exciting stage of mass production.” 

Read more about the work we have done with BioSelf so far in this brief case study



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About Thrive

Thrive are a team of designers, developers and engineers with a mission to solve global health challenges with the power of technology innovation, connected devices and data processing. We are the leading wearable technology design and development consultancy and we work with global companies, academic partners, charities and individuals to turn great ideas into world changing wearables. Read more about Thrive. 

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