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The opportunities of wearable tech

The opportunities of wearable tech: are we getting caught up in what it could be versus what it should be? Heralded as the future of smart technology, we now see wearables woven into the very fabric of our clothes and their clunky reputation is a thing of the past.

Want to explore if technology and clothing can exist seamlessly, the essentials of survival and success in the wearable tech market and what the future of the industry looks like?

Thrive CEO Jacob Skinner spoke about these issues at PI Apparel’s Spotlight event alongside Jenny Siede, Chief Thinker/Maker at Green Neurons Design and Technologies, Mindy Scheier, Founder of Runway of Dreams, Billie Whitehouse, CEO of Wearable X, and Charles Johnson, Principal at DRIVENBYCHARLES and Former Global Director of Innovation at Puma.

You can watch the panel discussion here.

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