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Three Must See Wearables for #WTS2017

NDP are of course going to be storming the Wearable Technology Show this year, talking to people about how we love to create amazing, user driven wearables, but who else is there to see at this years show? Our CEO Jacob Skinner gives us a heads up on the innovative and interesting Product Companies who are showcasing their exciting wearables.


Getting us ready for the Technology Singularity (other doomsday scenarios are available), MyndPlay are a brain-to-digital company with some very nice looking products in the VR space. I am really looking forward to checking them out. EEG (brain waves) are not easy to deal with and we are excited to see what Myndplay are up to with their very relevant looking proposition. 


People keep telling me to sleep more and until now I keep making excuses. Hopefully Rythm will finally change my behaviour with their upcoming product launch (this summer). It’s certainly worth heading over to their Stand at this years show to grill them on the specification and find out about their Dreem offering.


I love the simplicity of the Senstone. At first I was not convinced (I don’t like the name), but it is actually a great product. How often do you have the need to write quick notes and have them available immediately upon getting back to the desk? (All the time for me!) and who doesn’t like a bit of AI around the throat? Game on for them on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW, so head on over and buy one.

Join us at the Wearable Tech Show in ExCel on 7th & 8th March. Find us in the Launchpad Area (with the cool kids)! Join us also on Twitter @ninedegreetech #WTS2017.

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