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We have moved!

As a representation of our rapid growth over the last three years, we are proud to reveal a new operational location. The new premises, allows our team access to state-of-the-art technology and a great working environment in the heart of Brighton, 30 mins from Gatwick and an hour from Central London.

Our new facilities present a further upgrade to our capabilities, including new 3D printing, assembly stations, testing equipment and prototyping tools – allowing our electronics, software and design teams even more scope to rapidly develop wearable technology products.

Director of Innovation, Dave Sandbach, who has been busy commissioning the facility, was typically progressive in his thoughts on Thrive’s development:

“It’s been a great journey so far. We have clients from around the globe and we play an important role in some groundbreaking products. Our new headquarters offer the perfect balance between the technology capabilities needed for wearable product development and an extremely accessible location for our local and international clients”.

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