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Wear it Berlin Innovation Summit overview


Wear it innovation summit

We were delighted to be involved in Wear It Berlin‘s recent Wear It Innovation Summit. The event was a hybrid of in-person and online conference and exhibition, and took place on the 7th-10th September 2021. 45 speakers took part, and the event had over 1000 registrations from around the world, with many from Europe and North America. Attendees came from Product Research, Electronics, Textiles, Manufacturing and more, with C-Level Executives, start-up owners, decision makers and investors in attendance. The summit focused on a variety of stimulating topics: fashion tech, health tech and wellness, and IoT, sensors and blockchain. 

The Wear It Innovation Award Show took place on the 9th September. Nine international selected start-ups took part, pitching their business cases to a panel that included experts from Qualcomm, BCG Digital Ventures, Arkley Brinc VC and leAD. This is the third time Wear It Berlin has extended this opportunity to innovative start-ups in wearable technology. After much consideration, the panel decided to award three start-ups, with the overall winner of the Wear It Innovation Award being Oro Muscles, from the Netherlands.

On the fourth day, we were excited to take part in virtual booths and live talks around the latest innovations in wearable hardware, blockchain technology and cloud based device management.

Thank you to the Wear It Berlin team for such a lively event; we very much look forward to the next one!

You can find the recorded event talks here.

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