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Wearable cardiac monitoring: taking the pulse of a thriving sector

Cardiac monitoring is almost a standard feature of modern wearables but there are still opportunities to get better information and do more with the data. Seizing those opportunities could transform everything from medical care to athletic training and general well-being.

Cardiac monitoring has been around for over 100 years,1 but improved accuracy and wearable technology mean we can now get a better view of cardio performance not only in the hospital but also in the home, at work, or even while the wearer runs a marathon.

Turning this monitoring into actionable insights promises many benefits. Can we determine how well someone is recovering from surgery? Can we measure stress? And can we do so with a system that is low on user friction and high on user value? At present, the most accurate measurements come from the most cumbersome devices, and devices that are comfortable to wear tend not to offer the richest data.

The opportunity for the next generation of products and services is to further blur the distinctions between devices designed for medical professionals, performance athletes, and consumers. We have some obstacles to overcome before we get there, though.

Read the full article by Thrive CEO Dr Jacob Skinner and Sensor Systems Engineer Dr Tudor Besleaga on Med Device Online.

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