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Wearables and beyond insights

The 2019 GIANT Health Event was in full swing last week in London and Thrive were honoured to deliver the Wearables and Beyond track to a very engaged audience. The event was attended by a broad range of health professionals, entrepreneurs, SME’s and investors in and around the Health Technology space.

Thrive welcomed speakers from NeuDrive: a sensor design and fabrication company, Bioself Technology: working to reduce stress with non-invasive wearable technology, Emteq: tackling human brain interaction with a multi-sensor enabled VR system, Oxitone: working with multiple data signals to monitor and alert abnormal markers across cohorts in real-time and Isansys: specialising in advanced monitoring of patients to reduce unnecessary complications in hospital, care settings and throughout patient recovery at home.

Our panel discussion, chaired by Matt Eagles, Head of Patient Engagement, Havas Lynx Group, explored the nuances opportunities and implications of emergent sensing technologies and wearable products emanating from a maturing and increasingly capable industry. With data security and adoption always hot topics, the panel discussed wearables on themes ranging from ethics, politics and the environment, as well as nuanced projections of the technology opportunities to improve health and wellness globally. Thrive would like to thank the team at Giant Health as well as the army of volunteers who helped make the show a success.

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