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Wearables redefining healthcare at Giant 2020

Giant2020 and Thrive

01 December 2020

13:00 GMT: Hearables: Are we approaching transformative health monitoring? With Jacob Skinner, Thrive Wearables Ltd Tim Antos, Kokoon Technology Pauline O’Callaghan, Hearable Labs Dr.-Ing. Johannes Kreuzer, Cosinuss GmbH Alan Davis, Nuheara

14:00 GMT: Muscle stimulation for rehabilitation and recovery With Barbara Shepherd, Manchester Fashion Institute at MMU Kai Yang, University of Southampton Phil Kunovski, KYMIRA Dave Sandbach, Thrive Wearables

16:30 GMT: How will technology improve mental health? With Jacob Skinner, Thrive Wearables Anna Gudmundson, BioSelf Technology Ltd Noga Sapir, Reflect Innovation Deborah Rozman, HeartMath LLC Wendy Moore, Healium

02 December 2020

17:00 GMT: Digital Biomarkers: How do we get the quality real-world #datasets we need for effective clinical trials? With Steve Parr, Director, SBRI Healthcare Enterprise M3 Growth Hub; SR Partners Ltd. (Session curator) Dr. Myles Furnace Furnace, Global Digital Health Partnership Lead, Ipsen Bill Byrom, PhD., VP, Product Intelligence and Positioning, Signant Health Kate Lyden, PhD, Chief Science Officer, VivoSense

18:10 GMT: Learning to sleep in a world turned up to 11 With Jacob Skinner, CEO, Thrive Wearables, (Session curator) Michael Larson, Founder & President, Sleep Shepherd Dr Lizzie Hill, Course Tutor in Sleep Medicine, University of Oxford Rachel Wingfield, Founder and Creative Director, Loop.pH

Find out more about the sessions here:

Join us at Giant Health Event on 1 – 2 December. Our line-up of industry experts will be discussing the impact of wearable technology on clinical trials, mental health, sleep and more.

As part of the leading health tech event, we have curated a session on Wearables: Redefining Healthcare. We are exploring the role wearables and other human-centric connected technologies are playing in a rapidly changing health landscape.

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