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Welcome to our new Head of Grants and Partnerships

This month, we’ve had our new Head of Grants and Partnerships, Dr Shashi Pandya, start at Thrive. Shashi will be primarily using her successful grant writing skills to secure relevant funding, and working with strategically aligned organisations and projects. 

Shashi has a background in chemistry. By training, she is a synthetic organic chemist, and specialised in making molecules for specific applications, with an understanding of the properties and how they can be exploited. 


The applications can range from pharmaceutical, to polymers, dyes and advanced materials. Shashi has extensive experience in the academic research and teaching environment, as a lecturer in India and as a researcher in Joseph Fourier University, France and Durham University, UK.

Shashi has used advanced materials in the electronics industry, particularly in the printed electronics field. Hard-wired displays and devices can be bulky, and the aim is to make them more lightweight, thin, and printable. This technology also makes things cheaper as they can be scaled up and mass produced in less energy intensive environments. She has spent time focusing on using this technology for sensors in a medical context, perfectly aligning with Thrive’s work in advancing and improving wearable technology in the health and wellness space.


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