OUR Process

The product development journey is a progressive process with successive phases which de-risk end product delivery.

Great products have solid foundations. Our experience and knowledge is amplified by research and a deep network in the wearable technology space.

We work closely with you to establish the knowledge and information needed to deliver products with validated use cases and appropriate technology building blocks. We ask difficult questions and clarify the product vision, balancing time-cost-performance projections.

Over several decades, our team has solved problems, found novel solutions and created patentable inventions in wearable technology.

We bring together the right people, find technology solutions and create the right mix of physical, digital and data elements, forming high impact product eco-systems. 

Combining the creation of functional and aesthetic prototypes allows design and engineering to evolve in parallel. By rapidly creating and iterating versions, the prototypes can be tested and improved faster.

As the system design emerges, form, function and data processing converge and the product reaches design maturity, allowing users to react to the product in an early prototype form.

Creating high-impact wearables is achieved by combining solid-concept, rapid-product innovation and high-calibre design. Developing a cost-optimised, seamless wearable and delivering it to mass production is achieved by careful planning.

Rigorous user testing, engineering refinement are combined with our global supply chain network to achieve performance targets and get to market faster.

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