With complete confidence in the feasibility, user engagement and with a well tested Concept Prototype, it’s time to deploy the product on mass. Delivery is the critical stage to success

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How does it work?

A Concept Prototype has encapsulated all the learnings. Making this production ready has several well understood steps, leading to a cost and production optimised design, capable of coming off the production line at high yield, meeting regulations and delighting users.

Production management

Our trusted manufacturers cover everything, from high volume plastics, electronics and soft goods, smart fabrics and more exotic materials and processes. We take care of all the liaison, technical information exchange and delivery.

Engineering validation

A set of functional performance levels are ascertained and used to benchmark the performance of a mature concept prototype. At this stage substantive changes might be mad to ‘tune in’ the performance.

Design validation

Having established a refined Engineering Validation Prototype, the design validation stress tests this system for ruggedness against extremes. Temperatures, mechanical and electromagnetic tests might be the focus here.

Production validation

It is once the design is ruggedised that the ‘manufacturability’ is checked exhaustively with real tooling and processes. Many technical details need to align and design changes are systematically applied to pass.


Production is achieved by validation testing, tooling and manufacturing deployment, allowing a factory to gear up production to high volume, rapid manufacturing and to systematically improve the yield and quality of the finished goods.

A key step is to identify a suitable manufacturing partner by location and relevant expertise. We will then manage and direct their work to ensure that our design is perfectly translated to their manufacturing environment with tooling and processes suitable to the product type.


“Working with the Thrive team allowed us to de-risk our planned technology roll-out. They delivered a body of research and concept work to our team to guide and inform decision making at board level.”

Barry Nee, CIO, Care UK


Are you building a wearable?

Are you building a wearable?