Great ideas only lead to impactful products when everything comes into focus.


Leverage of expertise

During this high-value session with our expert team, gain access to decades of combined experience in wearable technology and product development, with no ongoing obligation. Our broad in-house knowledge spans the physical, digital and data building blocks that, when combined, create impactful wearable technology products.

Quality time and advice

We take the time to understand our clients’ business needs, check the proposition plausibility and advise the best next steps for getting market ready, with our low-risk, high-benefit approach.

Strategy for success

During the free 30-minute consultation our experienced technologists check the proposition’s plausibility, define the best strategy for successful product development and improve clarity on the next steps.

You have the opportunity to ask any burning questions, avoid common pitfalls and get to market fast.


“Thanks to Thrive and their knowledge of retail and its inherent challenges, we have been ableto swiftly design, develop, and deliver a customerproject. Communication was great and reallyhelped with the tight deadlines.”

Johan Avoine, Neue

Are you building a wearable?

Are you building a wearable?