Our mission is to achieve exponential gains in health and wellness on a global scale and stems from the experiences of our founders in health technology and wearables. Backed up by our team of astonishingly bright and equally dedicated people, we are making this happen.

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Working with Thrive means that the Product Development process is managed in a way that keeps risks low and reduces the stress of delivery, without the massive management fees.

Working alongside wearable experts and our selected global manufacturers will result in a fully resolved physical product with regulatory approvals and CE-mark ready for market.


IP protection & product optimisation

As innovators ourselves, we understand the importance of protecting new ideas and through formal reviews, patent approval and design registration we will ensure that IP is captured.

Through optimisation of the component selection, availability and lifecycle, quality and replaceability, and cost engineering, supply chain preparation and design-for-manufacture, we develop a fully resolved physical product with regulatory approvals and CE-mark.

Product launch

We support a smooth and seamless interaction with selected global manufacturers, in multiple geographical locations, who we work with based on fair value and known quality.

This handover is therefore de-risked as the end product is set up, tooled and ready to go so you can start turning over revenue, attracting investment and demonstrating the value of the growing user data set as soon as possible.


We take care of the end to end process, working with brilliant tool manufacturers to quality assure the end product.

Our value is in having deep knowledge of the product requirements, user experience and the technical demands of mass production. As your Product Development representatives, we manage every step of the way and create resilient products by selecting the right parts and the right supply chain partners.

Bioself Technologies

Case study

This London startup came to us with a need to iterate their hardware-driven cloud service in order to take their offering to the next level.

We took a hands-on approach with their team and after an initial discovery session, we worked together to dissect and question their product idea and re-build the system architecture.

Our team worked systematically, listening carefully to Bioself’s goals and product aspirations before delivering a Concept Prototype and a report outlining findings, recommendations, costings and a product roadmap.

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“The Thrive team have taken my vision through a rapid and systematic evolution from idea to sales traction and investment. Their knowledge of the wearables space is unrivalled.”

Stefan Chmelik, BioSelf Technology, London


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