Case Study

BioSelf Technology: a radical form of self-regulation


The Client

BioSelf is a technology startup, based in London and Los Angeles,  specialising in the wellbeing space. Their aim is to provide a solution to the growing stress and anxiety problem our society is facing by tapping into natural primordial physiology. This increases the efficiency of the autonomic nervous system, of which the vagus nerve is the largest component. This is humans’ longest cranial nerve, and one of its roles is to initiate the body’s relaxation response. By toning the vagus nerve, the user of BioSelf’s product can build long term mental resilience.

The Challenge

Thrive’s role was to produce a wearable technology product which causes beneficial effects to the user, similar to long term meditation. Meditation has spiked in popularity within the wellness industry over the last few years. It’s a compelling solution to the stress and burnout that are so commonly experienced in our fast-paced lives but which is time-consuming to learn and difficult to do.

We know that the conscious brain is positively affected by meditation, but ironically it can be hard to find time to sit and reflect, meaning that people miss out on the benefits of long term meditation. The subconscious brain can be affected in a similar way through non-invasive methods of neuromodulation. This results in a rapid reduction of stress activity in the brain, allowing the user to feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation, which over time, has very similar effects to long term meditation.

Thrive was tasked with turning this research validated technology into a wearable product with a form factor that is accessible and portable. Crucially, the product had to be effective and display excellent user experience.

Sensate vision
Sensate product



Thrive considered the details of BioSelf’s idea with the product visionary. Carefully identifying the value proposition allowed the teams to gain a deep understanding of the product’s users, as well as the needs of the business team. The Thrive team established the best mix of core technology, the functionality they intended the product to perform and prototyped various Form Factors. The process was highly efficient and provided a clear route forward in terms of delivering prototypes and testing the devices.

Once prototype devices had been created, Thrive conducted rigorous user testing with an early cohort of 25 users, to test and refine the user experience, in turn uncovering important insights about the user value and behaviour.

The Sensate product has been hugely successful in helping users build resilience to stress. Now that the product has been qualified, the Thrive team has worked with partners to mass produce thousands of units for delivery. The Sensate device is sold across the globe, in the UK, Europe and the US.


“The Thrive team has taken my vision through a rapid and systematic evolution from idea to sales traction and investment. Their knowledge of the wearables space is unrivalled.”

Stefan Chmelik, BioSelf Technology

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