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BioSelf is a London Technology Startup specialising in the wellbeing space. They are currently bringing a new Wearable to market, which will disrupt the meditation and stress reduction status quo, by giving people a ‘quick fix’ for combatting the increasing levels of stress in modern life.


The conscious brain is positively affected by meditation; the unconscious brain can be affected in a similar way by means of non-invasive neuromodulation, causing a rapid reduction in stress marker activity and a deep sense of relaxation and calmness.

Although the basic technology has been validated in the research and through a commercial product, the principle has never been turned into a wearable technology, which can be used ‘on-the-go’. Maintaining the efficacy and experience of the scientific technology in this form was a welcome challenge for Thrive to take on.


Thrive have worked with BioSelf for several years, developing a range of functional and ‘looks like’ prototypes to take the concept on a journey from idea to pre-production. We have worked closely with the BioSelf team to develop the vision for an always-on, Wearable wellness device by working with our engineers, scientists, medical professionals, UX researchers and product prototyping teams to build a robust product concept around the hard-hitting value proposition.



Starting with several Discovery sessions, Thrive were able to work with the product visionary to pin down the value proposition and clarify the best mix of core technology, aspirational functionality and form factor constraints. This process was extremely fast and resulted in a crystal clear roadmap for delivering prototypes and testing devices to inform the next steps.

Having defined the basic product ecosystem, we then delivered 25 devices to users for user experience testing, uncovering many insights about behaviour and allowing us to confirm some basic assumptions about the product.

On the back of qualifying the product, we are now working with BioSelf to produce 1000’s of units for delivery into their product delivery roadmap, with sales across global markets from the UK, EU and US.


We have developed a beautiful and appealing form factor with a first generation technology platform that has now been extensively tested with beta trials and extended user testing in clinic. Thrive have helped BioSelf qualify a clear market need for the technology and we are now managing the early production of the tech.

Our work has led to patentable Inventions for BioSelf and the sales traction generated has excited investors to back the mass production roadmap for 2019.

”The Thrive team have taken my vision through a rapid and systematic evolution from idea to sales traction and investment. Their knowledge of the wearables space is unrivalled.”

Stefan Chmelik,  BioSelf Technology

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