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Fantastec is a UK company based at the Surrey Technology Centre in Guildford, UK. They operate in the sporting and events arena and have a vision to bring fans closer to the action. Using wearables, networks and data, they are a driven and pioneering a driven team with disruption at their core.


Disrupting the world is never easy. We have been working with the Fantastec team to do just that and our early work has been in designing and administering wearables testing at football premier league events.

To understand the fundamental research and the bleeding edge of the technology space and to then design experimental work to determine both feasibility and performance of the system in real-world conditions. Taking technology from the lab to the real world is one of our areas of expertise and this is the basis of the challenge facing Fantastec.


Thrive recommended a careful and systematic approach to reduce product development risks early on and keeping costs down. Our approach is to base the product development on several key steps: research of technology, qualification of application with benchmark technology, refinement of system design and product prototyping. From here we are able to map performance and cost markers on the aggressive delivery roadmap the team require.


  • Research
  • User trials
  • Prototyping
  • Machine learning


Our initial research has painted a picture of the feasibility and technical risks and allowed us to select a robust set of technologies to prove feasibility and resilience of the Fantastec value proposition. Working with high numbers of data points and a novel mix of technology was then facilitated by our engineering team, who integrated the hardware and stitched together a robust data capture framework.

Using a scientific approach to data capture, which was scaled as data was collected allowed us to hone the technology requirement and thus arrive at clear performance and cost targets. By adopting a very structured and scientific approach, we are now in a position to develop a bespoke product, leveraging appropriate balance of technology elements to deliver the data and value to the Fantastec team.


A reliable platform for developing a technologically demanding, but extremely cost sensitive product for a mass global market. As we step through the scientific work, we have refined the requirements and adopted parallel workflows to fast track iterative technology into the testing arena in the English Premier League.


“The Thrive team have been our technology partners through the concept stage. They are designing and running field trials with UK based football fans to take our vision to mass production in a very tight timeframe. Their commitment and passion has been outstanding.

Simon Woollard, Fantastec, London

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