Zedsen, London

Innovative Healthcare Wearable


Zedsen is a VC-backed innovation company based in London, rolling out its proprietary sensor technology into a wide range of applications. The Zedsen team are developing demonstrations of their technology across areas such as chemical scanning, healthcare and automotive applications.


Zedsen’s technology is able to see into and through materials, sensing pressures and material composition at a distance. The technology is highly sensitive but durable and is leading to some highly innovative new product developments.

With the patented technology developed by Zedsen being widely applicable, Thrive were approached to work with the team at Zedsen to develop a specific and challenging niche application. Thrive were able to leverage 25 years experience in the niche to solve complex design challenges, expanding the core competencies of the Zedsen team.


Thrive worked closely with the team to understand the requirements and have since undertaken weekly and monthly sprints to deliver high-value work packages into the main project flow, targeting the production of demonstrator technology for feasibility, investment evidence and scientific validation.


  • Smart fabrics
  • Wearable technology
  • Sensor integration


We worked carefully with the team at Zedsen to understand their needs and identified a workflow that would both deliver fast and solve unknowns with the application. We mapped this to a bigger picture roadmap for delivering a working demonstrator. We have used rapid, iterative prototyping to prove elements of the system and also created visualisation materials and design directions to guide the work towards a product vision. As the technical risk has been reduced, we have together been able to solidify the roadmap and formally plan the demonstration system to meet the needs of presenting fully-functional prototype technology in an appealing and robust form.


Rapid iteration and remote and local teamwork have led to a systematic reduction in risk, improvement in technology and formation of a demonstrator system that is both scientifically resilient and designed with the user at the centre. We are nearing the stage where the demonstration system will be realised and taken to market by Zedsen.

“The Thrive team have been the perfect compliment to our internal team. They have brought the missing skills to the table and been extremely responsive to our needs.”

Dan Honeywell,
Zedsen Ltd

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