Case Study



The Client

Rescon Technologies is a UK innovation company. They have an award-winning software platform, back-end system for improving health and wellbeing and conduct research and development across multiple market sectors.

We have worked with the Rescon team for many years, most recently on a European Space Agency funded hardware development with a novel sensor technology platform for advanced data capture and analytics.

The Challenge

To integrate a set of novel sensors within a Wearable Technology prototype for advanced analytics of sports performance and patient monitoring. To capture high data rate signals onboard and transfer information over the air for real-time visualisation and monitoring.

To prototype all elements of the system and use CAD rendering and advanced 3D printing techniques, combined with traditional machining and moulding systems to create a first generation functional and representative device for early field testing. The approach was to build a good looking system but to allow for experimental flexibility by increasing the feature count for early data capture.

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We worked with the client to understand the data resolution, form factor constraints and unit production along a production roadmap. From here we worked back to a functional specification that both addressed data requirements and met outline aesthetic needs.

We benchtop prototyped the whole system and refined the data flows and functional requirements, allowing a Proof of Concept prototype to be created and produced as a batch of 20 test units. 

We were then able to work with Rescon’s scientists to adjust the system and provide well-validated data flow. This has set the project up for the next stage, which will be to use the data captured to refine the specification and reduce the size and unit cost of the device for large-scale trials and eventual mass production.



“Having worked with the team at Thrive over the years, I have always been impressed with the breadth and depth of their technical knowledge. The team are a pleasure to work with and are highly professional in their approach. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Tom Dawson, Rescon Ltd

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